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Father’s Day Golf Gift Guide

With Father’s Day just around the corner on June 21, it’s time to back away from the ties and power tools and get your dad something he’ll really dig: cool golf gear. Following are some unique golf gifts that will help you bridge the generations and put a smile on his face: 

Slotline 581 Hi-Moment Putter ($159)
Back when you were a wee tyke or teenager in the 1980s, there was one big “S” in the putting world, and it wasn’t Scotty. It was Slotline, whose Inertial putter pioneered the concept of ultra-high MOI. Fast forward to this year, when the venerable brand was reborn and reintroduced under the guidance of Chad Lehr and company at Dynamic Brands. Now your dad can reconnect with the putter of his past with the Slotline 581 Hi-Moment putter, a modernized throwback to the original Inertial. It’s no secret why Slotline is red hot on the Champions Tour right now.  

Dixon Earth Balls ($29.99)
Remember the good old days when you just dumped your old motor oil down the storm drain? You don’t? Well, your father does. But it’s a different world now, and he’s just fine with that, because he wants his grandchildren to enjoy clean air and water, too. For this reason, he’ll dig Dixon Golf’s eco-friendly Earth golf ball, which is constructed without the use of heavy-metal pollutants and non-renewable synthetic compounds. Even the packaging is made from 100-percent recycled material. Best of all, the Earth ball compares in cost and quality to other high-performance balls. 

Vireo Tees by Evolve Golf ($5.95 for 35 tees)
Is your dad trying to build a fire or knock it close to the pin? You have to wonder with all of those little broken sticks he leaves in his wake. It’s time for him to try the new Vireo-S3 tee by Evolve Golf, which is not only eco-friendly, but also extremely durable. Made from recycled materials, this tee features a proprietary “sweet spot” system comprised of “depth insertion” guides along 
the stem. This system enables the golfer to achieve proper and consistent tee height for optimal sweet spot alignment. 

Golfdotz ($5.99 for two dozen)
Dad used to play with a thin blade putter, now he swears by his mallet. He always had trouble with his 3 iron, now he’s money with his hybrid. Heck, maybe he’s even playing with an eco-friendly Earth ball and renewable Vireo tees. His evolution is almost complete. All he has to do now is put down the messy Sharpie pen and mark his ball in style with Golfdotz. These wicked-cool golf ball tattoos are durable, practical and stylish—sort of like dad himself. 

iGolfrules ($9.99)
Clean up your room before you go out to play. Take the car but be back by midnight. Dad was always a stickler for rules, right? Well, now you can put the rules of golf in the palm of his hand with the iGolfrules application for the iPhone, which is based on the popular Golf Rules Quick Reference book. This program features more than 200 illustrations, and it covers match play as well as stroke play. And if your dad doesn’t have an iPhone? Well, maybe you need to add that to your gift list, too. 

Adidas Trophy Belt ($40)
Your dad might not be ready for a fashion statement in the vein of Ian Poulter’s pink pants, but he could probably use a bit of an upgrade in the belt department. The Trophy belt by Adidas offers just the right amount razzle-dazzle in an otherwise classy and conservative package. Dustin Johnson, Justin Rose and Sergio Garcia are among the PGA Tour pros who have sported this belt. If dad is feeling his oats like Phil Mickelson, he can opt for the white leather version. But the all-black model is probably the safer bet. 

Homer Kelley’s Golfing Machine ($17 on Amazon.com)
The first time Homer Kelley played golf, he shot 116. The next time he played, which was six months later, he shot seventy-seven. No joke. Obsessive and inquisitive by nature, Kelley immediately set out to solve the mysteries of the golf swing that would account for such a vexing variance from one round to the next. In his new book Homer Kelley’s Golfing Machine, Scott Gummer pays tribute to Kelley’s quest, which resulted in a controversial book that has been touted by Bobby Clampett, Steve Elkington and others, including up-and-comer Morgan Pressel. Sometime it’s the old dog who teaches the new tricks, eh?

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  1. These are some great golf gift ideas. My problem is I don’t know what to buy for the extreme golfer who has everything. I found some personalized and gag golf gift ideas.

  2. For the ultimate personalized golf gift, let him star in a golf fantasy novel from YourNovel.com – it’s a first!

  3. Does dad hate to bend over to pick up his head cover? Check out Sumi-G.com. Hot – stylish – new – different. Perfect for the golfer dad.

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