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Kronos Hinotori Putter Displayed at St. Andrews

Kronos Hinotori Putter Displayed at St. Andrews

Is there a little putter company that makes bigger noise than KRONOS Golf? Probably not…

Not long ago, they were featured on the hit television show Shark Tank. Now comes word that the Hinotori Touch putter created by KRONOS Golf founder Phillip Lapuz is now on display at the British Golf Museum in St. Andrews, Scotland. The putter will remain on display through mid October of 2016.

The putter was designed by Lapuz over a three-month period, followed by months of polishing to perfection. When Lapuz lived abroad in Kyoto, Japan, he would visit the Byodoin Temple featured on the Japenese 10-yen coin. The putter echoes those experiences, featuring the Japanese Hinotori, which translates to “bird of fire,” or phoenix.

“The high relief engraving design on the Hinotori was inspired by years of traveling throughout Japan and experiencing its many wonders,” Lapuz says. “The beautiful and intricate imagery the composes Byodoin Temple in Kyoto has always been special to me and has served as a memorable symbol of my time there.”

Just look at the engraving work on this putter. One word: Badass.

So kudos to KRONOS for bringing this masterful work of American entrepreneurship to the hallowed grounds of St. Andrews by way of artistic inspiration from Japan.

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