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Danny Willett’s Putter: Odyssey Versa #1 Wide

Danny_Willett_PutterAs of this writing, Danny Willett has punched his ticket at the 18th hole for a final score of five under par, taking pole position for a victory at the 2016 Masters (although Jordan Spieth is clawing his way back). Willett’s flawless final round was punctuated by strong work on the greens with a crosshanded putting grip.

Danny Willett’s putter is an Odyssey Golf Versa #1Wide with a white-black-white color scheme.

The black and white contrasting alignment pattern on the Versa putters is designed to highlight the face angle at address and through impact. The Versa pattern comes in two configurations: black with white in the middle, or white with black in the middle (which is what Willett uses). As Odyssey’s tour rep told us, “What I’ve found on tour is that players who tend to use the face to align themselves, they all love white-black-white because now, when they look down there, the black kind of deletes the back half of the putter from the eye. Now all they see is this very thin white line, and that becomes a lot easier to align.”

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Meanwhile, the wide body of Willett’s putter is a great option for golfers who enjoy the profile of a blade putter, but who will benefit from a bit of extra confidence-enhancing girth usually associated with mallet putters.

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