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TaylorMade Set to Release TP Collection Putters

TaylorMade Set to Release TP Collection Putters

TaylorMade is set to release a new line of putters under the banner of the TaylorMade TP Collection, promising that they utilize “new materials and new milling processes not only to enhance the aesthetics of each putter, but also to improve the product’s performance.”

The TP Collection putters feature TaylorMade’s new Pure Roll insert, which combines 45° grooves with a softer polymer to promote better forward roll and reduce skidding across varying surfaces. The “new milling process” refers to the putters being skim milled (ie: milling the exterior of a cast putter), which may be new to TaylorMade, but is hardly groundbreaking or even noteworthy from our perspective. Adjustable weights in the sole are a nice touch for swingweight customization.

The six TP Collection putters are Juno, Soto (classic blades), Mullen, Berwick (classic mallets), Ardmore and Chaska (mid-size mallets). These unusual-sounding model names “draw inspiration from areas, regions, and landmarks of some of the world’s greatest golf destinations and historic courses.” One also has to presume that creativity is becoming increasingly necessary in the world of golf trademarks. We like the names, they sound unique and artisinal.

Look for the Juno, Soto, Mullen and Berwick to be available starting on December 1 at an SRP of $199, with the other two to follow.

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