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Evnroll Debuts ER3 Blade Putter

Evnroll Debuts ER3 Blade Putter

Evnroll putters today debuted its ER3 blade putter along with two mallets, further advancing the comeback of famed putter designer Guerin Rife.

The Evnroll ER3 “Wing Blade” putter features a flaring flange that positions mass away from the center, resulting in “effortless stability that enhances confidence.” The ER3 is joined by the ER7 and ER8 as the latest entries into the Evnroll family.  The Evenroll ER7 is a full mallet that is reminiscent of Rife’s earlier work with his eponymous RIFE Putters, while the ER8 “tour mallet” is a more compact putter. The company is now also offering its rear center-weighted ER6 iRoll full mallet with a black finish.

The new Evnroll putters also feature a new “LineAlign” technology, consisting of two small upainted dots on the topline. In Rife’s words: “This provides the golfer a subtle alignment reference for consistent lie angle positioning, while also helping with alignment on breaking putts,” added Rife. “Aligning the ball in front of the toe-side dot on right-to-left putts and in front of the heel-side dot on left-to-right putts will help keep the ball travelling on the high side of the target line as 90% of breaking putts are missed below the hole.”

If intentionally aiming away from the center sounds a bit crazy to you, consider that Evnroll’s calling card is precise face milling that is designed to impart “progressively more energy transfer on off-center hits to roll the ball a consistent distance with every stroke.”

Look for these new Evnroll putters to hit the market on March 1 to the tune of $329, and stay tuned for PutterZone’s Evnroll putter review.

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