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Fascinating Read on Tiger’s Trusty Putter

Fascinating Read on Tiger’s Trusty Putter

We don’t make a habit here of linking out to stories in the mainstream golf media (we figure you’ll find what you need on your own), but sometimes a piece comes along that is a “must read” for anyone interested putters.

This ESPN piece is one such read, chronicling Tiger Woods’ epic 15-year affinity for a single trusty putter that played a role in some of the most electrifying moments in golf history. That putter is a custom Scotty Cameron Newport 2 blade putter, to which Woods appears to be returning after a run with the Nike Method putter (pictured here).

When Woods switched to the Nike Method, it was big news precisely because he had accomplished so much with his trusty Cameron. Now that Nike is out of the hard goods business in golf, the Cameron is back in business.

ESPN’s Jason Sobel does a masterful job of capturing the origins of this putter, dating back to early prototypes in the mid 1990s. He also captures Woods’ obsessive attention to detail that verges on supernatural.

Indeed, he tells a story of how Cameron was rushing to produce a putter for Woods in time for a tournament start. Once he was done, he weighed the putter. In Sobel’s words: “Cameron¬†found it was too heavy by two swing-weight points — the equivalent of two dollar bills — and knew Woods would be able to tell the difference.”

So Cameron milled out the face and cavity dots that would become a signature of Woods’ putter in order to lighten the weight by the equivalent of two dollar bills.

Go read it, you won’t be disappointed. It’s the best chronicle to date of Tiger Woods’ putter.

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