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Cleveland Putters Own February

Cleveland Putters Own February

Usually, when we talk about a putter company having an amazing month, it’s because their sticks have notched some victories on the professional circuits.

But Cleveland Golf has owned this February in its own unique way…

First, came news of a golfer in Florida being snatched from the fairway by a gator and dragged into a water hazard, before fending the beast off with…Yes, a Cleveland Classic blade putter.

Now comes news that Jaco van Zyl, the 92nd ranked golfer in the world, is using the tiny Cleveland Smart Square Stubby training aid as his actual putter in tournament play.

In our original take on the Cleveland Stubby, we wrote, “We’ve found it to provide excellent feedback. If the putter face is not exactly square on contact, the Stubby will vibrate and squawk at you until you get it right.”

Of course, we were talking about it in a training context, not a “head out to the green and use it as your putter with millions on the line” context. However, the fact that Jaco van Zyl can succeed in a professional tournament with such a diminutive putter head is just another indication of how good these guys are…

Anyhow, now you know why Cleveland Golf owns February 2017.

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