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Putter Fitting Tips: Lie Angle

PutterZone.com today launches a new series called Putter Fitting Tips, in which we demystify putter fitting jargon to give you practical information for raising your game. We begin with “putter lie angle,” which is the angle at which the shaft ...

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Pat O’Brien’s 45 Degrees of Putter Fitting

Getting properly fit for a putter is a great way to raise your putting game, but it’s important to know the philosophy of the person doing the fitting. Indeed, if the fitter believes in putting “fundamentals” that don’t square with ...

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A Fresh Take on Putter Length

The so-called “standard” putter length of 35 inches for men and 34 inches for women is under increasing fire these days. Indeed, it has become fashionable to suggest that such measurements are too long for most golfers. But before you ...

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Breaking The “Rules” of Putting

Much is made these days about the concept of putter fitting, in which the length, loft, lie and weight of a putter are carefully matched to your personal physique and mechanics. But before you get fit for a putter, you ...

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Thoughts on Putting “Fundamentals”

In the latest issue of one of the leading golf magazines, you will see a putting instruction tip with the following title: Accelerate to sink more putts. In the piece, the featured instructor advises that you “accelerate through impact.” Thirty ...

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Drill Bits: Don’t Be Out of Line

Missing an easy putt can be immensely frustrating, and it’s convenient to blame your stroke, your mechanics or even your putter. But maybe you weren’t aimed at the hole in the first place, despite what your eyes were telling you. ...

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On The Agenda: Putting Posture

From the health care debate to the Cash for Clunkers program, there is no shortage of hot-button items on the federal agenda these days. Today, however, PutterZone.com invites you to look at a more bipartisan issue: putting posture. Indeed, Time ...

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Turn Down The Rock & Roll

The gang over at the Putting Arc just made PutterZone.com aware of an interview on Sirius-XM Radio’s Making The Turn, in which leading golf instructor Rick Smith astutely analyzes Tiger Woods’ putting stroke. Now, this may not be the best ...

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Putter Jargon Workshop: Feel

Putter feel is a lot of things, and it means different things to different people. As Stan Utley writes in The Art of Putting, “(Feel is) one of those things that’s really hard to describe, but you know it when ...

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Drill Bits: Let Go to Putt Better

To get a grip on your putting stroke, sometimes you just need to let go. Such is the message behind the following putting drill shared by Pat O’Brien. Pat is a familiar face here at PutterZone.com as well as on ...

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