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Drill Bits: Nail Your Putts

Eben Dennis wants you to putt better by narrowing your focus and finding your natural stroke.  “Golf is over-taught and over-analyzed,” he says. “If you keep it simple and unclutter your mind, you will improve your game.” Eben is currently ...

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Drill Bits: Use Your Putter Cover

This isn’t exactly a putting drill, but it’s something to drill into your head—use a putter cover! Not only will it save your putter, it might save your wedge, too.  PutterZone.com is always amazed at how many golfers are so ...

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Drill Bits: The Power of One

Rushing to the first tee is a recipe for trouble. When it’s time to play a round that counts, it’s always best to arrive early to hit the range and the practice green. One warmup mistake to avoid, however, is ...

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Drill Bits: Core Fitness for Golfers

With winter already bearing down on much of the country, it’s time for golfers to take care of their bodies so that they can come out of hibernation healthy and ready to play golf when weather permits.  One important aspect ...

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Putter Jargon Workshop: Alignment

The putting stroke is simply a means to an end, which is consistently getting the putter face square to the target line at impact. When the face is square to the target line at impact, the ball travels on its ...

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Putter Jargon Workshop: Feel

Putter feel is a lot of things, and it means different things to different people. As Stan Utley writes in The Art of Putting, “(Feel is) one of those things that’s really hard to describe, but you know it when ...

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Putter Jargon Workshop: MOI

Moment of inertia (MOI) is the poster child of putter buzzwords that are frequently used by manufacturers but rarely explained to the average golfer. MOI is simply a measurement of a putter head’s weight properties. A putter with high MOI ...

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Drill Bits: Get Off The Ball

Nobody likes to be manipulated, especially your putter. When you manipulate your putter, your stroke becomes unnatural, and your putter ultimately becomes uncooperative. In today’s exclusive Drill Bit, Tom Conway, a PGA Life Member based in Indiana, explains how excessive ...

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Putter Jargon Workshop: Toe Hang

While the weight of your putter is important, the way that weight is balanced can be equally vital to your performance. Putter balancing falls into two general categories: toe hang (also called toe droop) and face balanced. Mallets tend to ...

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Drill Bits: Masters Edition

The putting instructor to 2007 Masters champion Zach Johnson has a tip for you, too. Indeed, for the latest entry in our Drill Bits series, PutterZone.com turned to Pat O’Brien, instructor to Zach Johnson as well as Vaughn Taylor. Who ...

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