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Drill Bits: Sink Putts with Good Posture

Keeping your chin up is not only a good life strategy, it’s also helpful on the putting green. In fact, good posture as well as a positive mental attitude will aid your ability to sink those crucial putts. Posture is ...

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Drill Bits: The Curious Way to Sink Putts

Misreading the break is a quick way to break your heart on the putting green. Indeed, no matter how solid your setup and your stroke, if you don’t adequately ascertain the break, your ball will sail wide and your score ...

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Putter Jargon Workshop: Lie Angle

Lie angle is perhaps the least understood aspect of putter fitting, which also includes length, loft and weight.Indeed, most recreational golfers are happily unaware of the importance of lie angle. Ignorance may be bliss, but it can be a drag ...

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Putter Jargon Workshop: Milled Putters

When shopping for a putter, it’s hard to avoid the word “milled,” and you will notice that the term is most often associated with higher prices. So what, exactly, is milling—and why is it important to your putting game? Most ...

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Putter Jargon Workshop: Black Oxide

Of the potentially mysterious terms you will encounter when searching for a high-end putter is “black oxide,” in reference to the finish found on certain putters, as well as some wedges. Black oxide is essentially a controlled black rust that ...

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