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Find Your Belly Putter Balance

Belly putters are growing wings and flying off the shelves these days, and the phenomenon shows no signs of abating as more and more golfers aim to tap into the belly putter magic that has recently made such an impact ...

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The Scoop on Putter Balance

Confusion seems to reign when it comes to the concept of putter balance. Indeed, we have even seen major golf publications make erroneous statements, such as calling a putter “heel-toe balanced.” A putter can be heel-toe weighted, meaning that the ...

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Putter Fitting Tips: Putter Offset

A putter shaft can be straight or curved as it approaches the putter head. A shaft can be mounted in the heel or center of the putter head, as well as in between. A shaft can also be mounted into ...

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Balancing The Heel-Toe Weighted Putter

At PutterZone.com, we have made it our vocation to help demystify the jargon that surrounds putters and putter fitting. On that note, we noticed a bit of jargon misuse in the latest issue of a major golf magazine: “Last year ...

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Putter Fitting Tips: Putter Balance

By understanding how your stroke relates to putter balancing, you can better determine which putter might best complement and accentuate your game.   The putting stroke falls into two general categories: (1) the arcing stroke, in which the face of ...

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Putter Fitting Tips: Swingweight

The concept of putter swingweight is simple yet complex.   Swingweight is determined by a variety of factors, including the length of the shaft; the weight of the head, shaft and grip; and the manner in which these various components ...

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Putter Fitting Tips: Lie Angle

PutterZone.com today launches a new series called Putter Fitting Tips, in which we demystify putter fitting jargon to give you practical information for raising your game. We begin with “putter lie angle,” which is the angle at which the shaft ...

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Putter Jargon Workshop: Alignment

The putting stroke is simply a means to an end, which is consistently getting the putter face square to the target line at impact. When the face is square to the target line at impact, the ball travels on its ...

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