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The Fringe: Tom Watson DVD Review

Tom Watson is like the E.F. Hutton of golf. When he speaks, people listen. Or at least they should. After all, the dude nearly won the British Open at the age of 59, and he just made the cut at ...

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The Fringe: Boccieri Heavy Wedge Review

Nice and easy, buddy. Just 30 yards to the pin. A confident takeaway, smooth transition, accelerate through the ball. That’s all you need. Simple. Here you go…Doh! The ball is scalped, it goes flying over the green. Your next words ...

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The Fringe: Sumi-G Dormy Belt Review

So your approach shot bites the green and spins back toward the hole, setting you up for birdie if you can sink the ensuing five-foot putt. Your buddies aren’t so lucky, so it’s time to mark your ball. You reach ...

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The Fringe: Adidas Tour 360 4.0 Shoe Review

It’s easy to find a comfortable shoe. But a stylish comfortable shoe? Not so easy. For example, Ugg boots and Crocs are quite comfortable, but they’re hardly going to rival Armani in the style department. The same goes for golf ...

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The Fringe: Cleveland CG15 Wedge Review

With Christmas on the horizon, the USGA is set to play Scrooge as it bans big sharp grooves on short irons and wedges beginning in 2010. The new ruling will reduce both the volume and sharpness of allowable grooves on ...

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The Fringe: Bushnell Golf FXi Review

It’s that crazy time of year when Mother Nature likes to taunt golfers. For example, here in coastal California, we have been dealing with meteorological whiplash for the past month—sun, rain, freezing, hot! Meanwhile, in Denver, they just had one ...

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The Fringe: Vireo-S3 Tee Review

It’s easy to get rushed or flustered when playing golf. It can happen when the ball just isn’t bouncing your way, or after you triple bogey a par three, or if there’s a group of hotshots behind you, standing in ...

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The Fringe: Ruletwentyone Towel Review

So you’ve just hit one of those made-for-television approach shots, your ball spinning down from the heavens, biting the green and rolling back to within 10 feet of the hole. Now you have a crucial birdie putt, but when you ...

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The Fringe: Bushnell Tour V2 Rangefinder Review

The whole point of recreational golf is to get out of the office and away from your computer, right? Which brings us to those new GPS-powered handheld yardage devices. Sure, they are helpful. Yes, they are fancy. But they are ...

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The Fringe: Sumi-G Head Cover Review

The common head cover almost seems intentionally designed to infuriate. Like a python trying to swallow a pig, you must first yank the sock over the head of your 460cc driver, pulling and tugging until it finally jerks into place. ...

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