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Drill It and Kill It

Golf Magazine offers a nifty drill it its latest issue, courtesy of Jim Suttie, director of Suttie Golf Academies. With one dime and a little time, you can cure the “stabbing” motion that results from deceleration at impact. Deceleration undermines the pendulum stroke, causing an open club face that pushes the ball wide of the cup. Following is Mr. Suttie’s ten-cent diagnosis:

“One way to tell if you’re stabbing at putts is to place a dime on the back of your putter (note: place the coin in the putter cavity behind the face, and in line with the center of the putter) and make your normal stroke. If you’re truly stroking your putts, the dime will stay on the putter throughout your stroke, now matter how far back and through you take the putter. If you’re stabbing instead of stroking, however, the dime will slide off the back of your club as soon as you transition from the backstroke to the forward stroke.”

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