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Drill It and Kill It

Don’t you hate it when your putter disobeys and threatens to derail an otherwise solid round? By the 11th hole, you’re deep into fix-it mode, but that only seems to make things worse. Then what?

As a recent piece in Golf Magazine noted, “Trying to manipulate your putting stroke during a round can be disastrous.” The solution? “Instead, to fix a balky putter on the fly, keep the stroke you’re comfortable with and change your ball position.” So, if you’re pushing your putts, alter your set up “so that the ball is an inch farther forward in your stance than usual. This will help you make contact with the ball as your putter is moving straight down the target line.” The reverse is recommended if you’re pulling your putts: move the ball an inch back from your usual set up.

I don’t think you want to make this a habit, as your putting game should aspire to consistent fundamentals. But if you’re wounded out there, this is one Band-Aid that might stop the bleeding.

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