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A Long Ball for Your Short Game

Maxfli just launched what promises to be one of the hottest golf balls to come to market over the past year: the Maxfli Tour Fire, which was developed with guiding input from John Daly.

“Lots of golfers either avoid buying tour-caliber because of the high price, or they pay the high price reluctantly,” said Mike Ferris, senior director of product marketing for Maxfli and TaylorMade. “Tour Fire offers them a fantastic alternative: the tour performance they want at about 25 percent less than they’re used to paying.”

According to Maxfli, the Tour Fires promises “tour-caliber performance for $29.99 per dozen—about $10 less than competitive tour balls.”

PutterZone.com asked Maxfli to define “tour caliber,” and they replied: “The Maxfli Tour Fire golf ball has all of the performance properties of a ball that is played on tour. That is what we refer to as tour caliber. It has the spin rates of balls that are played on tour, and the performance benefits that tour players expect from a golf ball.”

Maxfli added: “This ball has been played on tour, and in our testing is the softest multilayer tour ball out there today.”

But can this long ball benefit your short game as well as your wallet? According to Maxfli, the answer is yes. Here’s how they put it: “Putting is all about rolling the ball better, which is the technical aspect of the shot, but is also about having confidence when you stroke the putt. The Tour Fire ball is a multi-layer ball with weight in the mantle layer, moving weight farther out on the ball. This helps holding its line in putting. The very soft feel helps instill confidence in putting.”

Sounds pretty cool to me…I mean, hot.

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