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Ad Review: Odyssey Marxman Putters

Everything about the current advertisement for Odyssey’s new Marxman Putter is effective—except for the headline.

But before we get to that, I also have to question the use of “x” instead of “ks” in the word Marxman (as a play on “marksman”). I know it’s hip in popular culture to swap like-sounding letters for special effect (ie: the band Gorillaz). But when your swap invokes a loaded name like “Marx,” you might want to think twice about it. As his Wikipedia entry puts it: “Karl Marx believed that capitalism would be replaced by socialism which in turn would bring upon communism.”

Think I’m reaching here? Well, in addition to being a putter, “Marxman” was also the name of a hip-hop group that advocated Marxist theory. Maybe Marxman could reunite and do a commercial for Odyssey’s Marxman putters? That would rock, wouldn’t it? I don’t want to get into a political argument here. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just don’t understand it from a marketing perspective. The shame is that Marksman, if spelled correctly, is actually a cool name for a putter.

But back to the advertisement…The headline is: “23% More Accurate Aim. 100% More Confidence on The Green.”

I like that they claim confidence as a core benefit, but I just don’t understand what “23% More Accurate Aim” means, at least in terms of the stated percentage. Are they simply goofing off with that odd number? Or did they conduct serious research? Upon further review of the extra-fine print at the bottom of the ad (which no one reads), we find this: “‘23% more accurate aim’ is based on internal alignment accuracy tasting from 11 feet.” So there you have it: 23% more accurate aim from 11 feet, as clarified in 3-point font. Pretty random if you ask me.

The ad gets better from there, however. The photo of the putter is striking, and clearly demonstrates the the visual assets of the “bold, straight lines of the Hi-Def Alignment System.” The rest of the copy focuses squarely on features and benefits, including “In-Line” weighting for “optimum MOI and better roll,” and a “White Hot XG multi-layer insert” for “soft feel and consistent response.”

Based on the photo and the ad copy—but with no help from the weird headline—the Odyssey Marxman Putter is worth seeking out.

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  1. Nice that the ad is Red, too!

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