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Drill It and Kill It

Today’s featured drill comes courtesy of Tom Conway, a PGA Life Member. After operating golf courses and teaching for many years, Tom embarked on a new “course” as an independent golf equipment representative. In his search for better teaching tools for pros to use and sell, Tom has picked up several practice aids that benefit all golfers in their venture to conquer the game. PutterZone.com is grateful to Tom for contributing the following exclusive tips on how to avoid cheating yourself on the putting green:

“Over the years, I’ve watched golfers ‘practice’ their putting. In my opinion, if you’re going to throw some balls down in an effort to improve, the first game plan is to try to make every putt you stand over. Too many times I’ve watched golfers just simply swat at balls with their putter, with absolutely no thought about what each putt is doing, such as: is it short, left or whatever. Also, another thing I hear a lot is ‘I’m a good putter’ or ‘I’m a bad putter.’ But when I ask the golfer how many putts they average, the answer is, ‘I’ve never kept track.’ For the amateur golfer, anything under 32 putts per 18 holes is very solid. Anything over, get to work. Finally, never leave the practice green on a negative. You want to leave that area feeling that you’re putting well. That positive will carry over to the golf course greens.”

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