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Drill It and Kill It

Today’s featured drill comes courtesy of Tom Conway, a PGA Life Member. After operating golf courses and teaching for many years, Tom embarked on a new “course” as an independent golf equipment representative. PutterZone.com is grateful to Tom for contributing the following advice on remaining “fundamentally natural” on the putting green—and knowing when to seek qualified help if you’ve hit the wall:

“Most golfers would enjoy a lower score on their card. With all the advice offered, you’d think it would be easy. However, all that advice just might be the problem. Well, not necessarily the advice, but the understanding of the advice. I know that a good share of my fellow PGA members are very capable instructors, so I would first suggest taking a lesson from a PGA professional. If self help is your thing, however, then I would make sure you understand that the putting area of the game is no different from the full swing. It boils down to fundamentals, fundamentals, and slatnemadnuf (fundamentals forward and backward!). In a nutshell, your thoughts, position, alignment and stroke should be fundamentally natural, relaxed, efficient, functional, simple, stress free and therefore confident. You should see improvement. If you don’t, then you need an additional pair of eyes, ears and thoughts. Sometimes being alone equals a four-putt. See a PGA professional.”

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