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Heavy Metal Turns Up The Volume

Just two weeks ago, Nick Flanagan got a new putter. Specifically, the Heavy Putter B-3 model (pictured here). On Sunday, he won his first Nationwide Tour event, the Henrico County Open, banking $81,000 in the process. Along the way, he registered a tournament high of 22 birdies. Coincidence? Heavy Putter doesn’t think so….

“It can’t be a coincidence that every time a player switches to the Heavy Putter, we chalk up a victory,” said Stephen Boccieri, president and CEO of Boccieri Golf, maker of the Heavy Putter. “This proves it doesn’t take long for the attributes of the Heavy Putter to pay off when players can pick it up and transition to winning within a two-week period.”

Other Heavy Putter users include Troy Matteson, who won the PGA TOUR’s Fry’s.com Open and registered five consecutive Top-10 finishes. Adrien Mork, who also uses the Heavy Putter, won two European Challenge Tour events and even posted a record-breaking score of 59.

While the Heavy Putter hasn’t yet made the PGA Tour inroads that some of the other larger or older putter companies have paved (the Heavy Putter was introduced in early 2005), it has indeed served notice by helping several professionals win tournaments. What’s particularly notable is that this isn’t just another putter. It’s a technological paradigm shift, as I noted in my earlier review of the Heavy Putter.

Those who initially dismissed the Heavy Putter as a mere gimmick are advised to take a second look.

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