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Heavy Putter Claims New Turf

The lifting of the old Iron Curtain of Eastern Europe has apparently yielded fresh fields of green, as evidenced in a recent announcement from Boccieri Golf that it has expanded distribution of its Heavy Putter into the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Golf Brothers, an affiliate of German golf-products distributor McEvans Sports, will be the Heavy Putter agent in those countries.

“Golf participation has skyrocketed in Eastern Europe, and word about golfers’ success with the Heavy Putter is widespread,” said Matt McGinn, Director of McEvans Sports. “Our market closely follows what European Tour players ride to victory, and the Heavy Putter has been in the winner’s circle multiple times.”

The Heavy Putter is now available in 29 countries worldwide, a rather impressive statistic considering that the first Heavy Putters were introduced just over two years ago.

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