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In Review: The Putting Arc T3

The Putting Arc is a proven system for practicing and refining the optimal putting stroke, as noted here in an earlier review of two other Putting Arc models.

Today we review the smaller T3 model ($39), which is intended solely for outdoor use. Like the longer and larger models that are intended for both indoor and outdoor use, the T3 is an ingenious training device that can raise your game. It weighs just seven ounces and can easily fit into the larger long pockets of a standard golf bag, making it the most convenient of the three models in terms of portability and outdoor use.

The Putting Arc was invented by PGA teaching professional V.J. Trolio and design engineer Dave Hamilton. While many golfers have long been instructed to take their putters “straight back and through,” the pros actually putt with a slight arc in their stroke. In order to spread the gospel of the arc, and to debunk the straightjacket stroke, Trolion and Hamilton invented The Putting Arc, which is precisely calibrated to the ideal arcing motion.

As with the other models, you simply place the T3 on the ground and set up with the heel of your putter against the center of the arc. You then conduct your stroke while keeping the heel flush with the arc. In addition to guiding the arc of your stroke, the T3 and other models also feature perpendicular sightlines along the sole of the device.

The T3 is yellow and made of durable hard plastic. Due to its lightness, you must anchor the arc to the ground with golf tees inserted through two holes on the sole of the arc—otherwise it’s susceptible to nudging as you move your putter back and through.

Because it only measures 20 inches in length, the T3 is designed for practicing shorter putts requiring a shorter strokes. I recommend getting one of the longer models first, as they offer a more dramatic sense of the arc and its physics, after which the T3 model will probably make more sense to you as a conveniently portable complement. As with all Putting Arc products, the T3 is not a quick fix, but rather a long-term training aid for those who are serious about raising their game. That probably means you, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading a web site dedicated to putting.

PutterZone.com highly recommends The Putting Arc system as an effective tool for developing a consistently successful putting stroke.

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