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Baddeley Stacks His U.S. Open Odds

When Aaron Baddeley tees up against Tiger Woods today, he will be wielding a familiar putter but a relatively new swing in his pursuit of the U.S. Open crown.

Baddeley’ putter of choice is a Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport Putter by Titleist ($300). According to Titleist, “By combining the finest milled stainless materials with precision inlay technology, the Studio Style line of putters provides superb feel and sound for a soft yet responsive touch. A pure, high grade machined inlay of German stainless steel is attached to the precision milled Studio stainless steel body through a special vibration pad, and the entire inlay is surrounded by an elastomer cushion to further enhance the soft feel.”

Of course, Baddeley’s choice in putters is no surprise, as Scotty Cameron’s Studio Style putters are widely favored on tour.

More surprising, perhaps, is the swing that’s getting Baddeley to the greens and into strong contention for the U.S. Open at Oakmont. As noted here recently, Baddeley is employing a new breed of golf swing called the “Stack & Tilt.” This swing was developed by a pair of young swing coaches who gained notoriety when, late last year, three of their students won their first tournaments in a six-week span. Baddeley is one of their star pupils, and he was the featured professional in a recent Golf Digest story on the Stack & Tilt.

This swing basically shifts more weight to the left side of the body than what’s commonly taught. The spine remains over the ball, with a leftward tilting motion on the backswing. The backswing club path is more of an arc, and your torso springs upward as you make contact.

The Stack & Tilt may not be enough to beat Tiger Woods today, but it’s propelling Baddeley to star status, and it can put some pop in your irons as well.

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