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Feel Groovy on The Green

The future appears to be literally bright for a couple of products that hit PutterZone.com’s radar this week:

GEL Putters

Keep an eye out for a colorful newcomer on the premium putter scene with the upcoming national launch of GEL Putters. Featuring six models with designs ranging from the traditional to the progressive, GEL Putters is making a statement not only with its signature groove technology, but also with its groovy color schemes, which include aqua, pink and yellow. While this technicolor ensemble might not appeal to the old guard, it will likely find friends among the newer generation of aesthetically adventurous golfers.

GEL stands for Groove Equipment Limited. The company was founded by Alec Pettigrew, entrepreneur and former CEO of Yes! Golf Asia Pacific. The first GEL putters were introduced at the 2007 PGA Merchandise Show. The suggested retail price is $165 for all models.

GEL putters claims to have taken groove technology to the next level, with the stated effect of imparting optimal topspin to greatly minimize skidding and hopping. According to the company, “Each GEL putter incorporates a soft aluminum insert with a series of finely milled grooves engineered to start the ball rolling faster and straighter.”

Distribution of GEL Putters is limited at the moment, with availability concentrated on the East Coast, but the company is planning a national rollout soon. They have promised to keep PutterZone.com posted on their developments, so stay tuned here for updates.

SunBuster Eyewear

Tiger Woods had laser eye surgery on the Monday after the Masters this year, following a similar surgery eight years ago. But before you take a light saber to your peepers to improve your game, you might want to look into SunBuster’s Sports Enhancement Eyewear with GolfCorrect Technology and PuttReaders lenses.

SunBuster’s stylish (dare we say groovy?) eyewear is designed to minimize the problem of “eye-plane shift distortion,” which the company claims is one of the most common problems facing golfers who wear ordinary sunglasses. According to SunBuster: “GolfCorrect lenses are de-centered and optically ground to provide a clear, crisp, undistorted view of the golf ball and feature a ‘purple’ PuttReaders lens that selectively filters light in the visible spectrum so that golfers can see the fairways, pins, and putting surfaces with perfect clarity, contour definition, color separation and depth perception.”

PutterZone.com has not yet tried these sunglasses, but they certainly sound intriguing. Stay tuned for more details about SunBuster’s Sports Enhancement Eyewear, as I hope to soon delve deeper into the scientific details. If I’m feeling brave, I might even conduct an experiment into what happens when you peer down at your aqua-themed GEL putter through purple PuttReaders lenses.

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