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Major Marketing Honor for Heavy Putter

Boccieri Golf’s Heavy Putter just made a big splash in the world of marketing, earning the honor of Best Magazine Ad at the 2007 American Business Awards. The awards from this event, popularly known as “Stevies,” are recognized as the Oscars of the business world.

The advertisement was part of Heavy Putter’s “Weigh Better” campaign, featuring founder Stephen Boccieri standing on a seesaw, outweighing the competition. The campaign was also a finalist in the Ad Campaign category. It was conceived by The Brandloft agency and Boccieri Golf.

This is no surprise here at PutterZone.com. Several months ago, I spotlighted the Heavy Putter brochure as a work of marketing genius. Additionally, my review of the Heavy Putter A1-M stated: “I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Heavy Putter is brilliantly marketed. At this point in time, the entire Heavy Putter experience—from product development through marketing—reflects a rare sense of clarity and conviction.”

The “Weigh Better” campaign was integral to that assessment. This campaign succeeds by striking a perfect balance between consistency of message and evolution of storyline. At first glance, the ads all look very similar. But on second glance, you notice a progression of visuals and content. The campaign thus reinforces Heavy Putter’s core message with even the most casual reader while providing fresh new details and concepts to the more attentive reader. Additionally (and smartly), the ads all focus squarely on the features and benefits of the Heavy Putter.

You would be surprised at how many companies, in all industries, don’t heed the consistency of message rule. Of course, it helps when you have a strong message in the first place, and Heavy Putter certainly isnt lacking in that department.

P.S. Stay tuned on Wednesday for PutterZone.com’s review of the hot (white hot, perhaps) new Odyssey Marxman blade putter.

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