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Drill It and Kill It: Find Your Tempo

Marius Filmalter was kind enough to share the following putting drill exclusively with PutterZone.com readers, in which he stresses the importance of tempo and balance in the putting stroke. Marius is a professional golfer, professional golf instructor, author and inventor. He is regarded in PGA Tour circles as a short game guru, and he currently works with dozens of pros, including Brad Faxon, Sean O’Hair, Chad Campbell and Mark O’Meara. He is also the inventor of Tomi, an innovative new product that measures the critical parameters of the putting stroke.

“I think that the most underrated thing in putting is rhythm, or tempo. While practicing on the putting green, just count—one, two—as you conduct your stroke. On one, start the club, and on two, hit the ball. This helps you get a pendulum movement going through the stroke. Most poor putters have a short backstroke and long follow-through, which inevitably creates problems. Practicing a rhythmical stroke, like a pendulum, can make a big difference.”

Thank you, Marius. Click here to read PutterZone.com’s earlier Insider Interview with Marius Filmalter.

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