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Limited Release: Sergio’s Prototype Putter

Would you like to own the same prototype putter that Sergio Garcia used to tame his putting game during the 2007 British Open? If so, now’s your chance, but you’ll probably need to act fast.

TaylorMade Golf just announced that it is offering a limited run of 500 Rossa Corzina belly putters built to the same specifications as the putter that Sergio Garcia used in his runner-up finish at the 2007 British Open. It is being sold through “select retail partners.” You will apparently have to do some digging to find out exactly who and where these partners are.

The Rossa Corzina belongs to TaylorMade’s standard Rossa family of putters, but it is typically offered solely in traditional lengths. Sergio Garcia’s belly version was specially built for his father, Victor, by TaylorMade’s tour department. Sergio recently grabbed it out of his father’s bag, liked it, and put it into action.

In other words, except for the one belonging to the Garcia family, the Rossa Corzina belly putter really didn’t exist—until now. The price is $179, just $30 more than the standard-length version.

“Sergio used a prototype that was created with custom specifications, but due to the overwhelming demand for that specific Corzina belly putter we are able to create a limited quantity with those same specifications to fulfill the wishes of our consumers,” said Sean Toulon, the company’s executive vice president.

This isn’t just marketing hype from TaylorMade. PutterZone.com has independently observed continued intense interest in Garcia’s now-famous putter. Click here for a flashback on Garcia’s British Open putter phenomenon and here for PutterZone.com’s take on whether or not the belly putter is right for you.

TaylorMade’s offering also shines a spotlight on the mysterious world of tour prototypes. What we see on the retail shelf is sort of like a petting zoo compared to all of the exotic putter species seen on the PGA Tour. Ever touched one of Rife’s 2-Bar Scarab putters? Most of us haven’t, but lot of touring pros have. Troy Matteson is currently using a Heavy Putter prototype, but details are slim. Vijay Singh uses a Never Compromise Exchange #7 model putter, but unlike the retail version, his is an early prototype that has only two weight ports instead of the standard four, per his personal inkling.

These are just a few examples of the rare creatures that elude the rest of us. Kudos, therefore, to TaylorMade for conducting a bit of a safari for those who might be inclined to follow in Garcia’s footsteps.

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