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New Putter Is Dead Serious

An ambitious new putter with a cool name is bound to turn some heads while sinking putts.

The Dead On putter by Texas-based Elite Sport Products boasts a strikingly unique design, including a black rear wing with arrow-shaped cutouts that aid alignment. The heads of Dead On putters are machined from solid blocks of stainless steel, while the rear wings are manufactured from solid blocks of aircraft-grade aluminum.

PutterZone.com spoke with Elite Sport Products CEO Phil Vinton last week. Vinton, who has a manufacturing background in aerospace and biomedical products, is particularly knowledgeable about the properties of specific metals and how they translate to optimal putting performance.

The most recent Dead On models fall under the banner of Series III, which includes center and offset shafted options. Dead On putters are designed, manufactured and assembled in the United States, an obvious point of pride for Elite Sport Products.

Vinton confirmed that the company has additional irons (I mean, putters) in the fire. Stay tuned at PutterZone.com for more details about the Dead On Series III putters, as well as what to expect next from Elite Sport Products.

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