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Drill It and Kill It: Narrow Your Focus

In order to raise your golf game, sometimes you need to narrow your focus—especially when it comes to putting.

Today’s drill comes courtesy of Stan Utley, who has been declared the “hottest instructor in golf” by Sports Illustrated. He works with Peter Jacobsen, Rocco Mediate, Darren Clarke, Paul McGinley, Craig Stadler and other touring pros. Stan himself is a PGA Tour professional who has won more than $1 million while setting records for fewest putts per round. In his book The Art of Putting, he features the following drill designed to narrow your focus:

“Stick a couple of tees lightly in the grass a half inch inside each edge of the cup. Essentially, you’re creating a set of mini-goalposts to hit putts through. I like to put the tees in and set up for a six- or seven-footer without any break, and practice just rolling putts through the goal posts. It sounds simple, but when you try it, you’ll notice how much more acutely you focus. Instead of picking a nebulous, large target, you’re almost picking blades of grass to roll the ball over…It makes putting into the standard holes seem easy in comparison.”

The above drill is reprinted with permission from Gotham Books, a division of the Penguin Group, and is copyright © 2006 by Stan Utley. Stay tuned for PutterZone.com’s review of Stan Utley’s The Art of Putting.

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