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Exclusive: The Next Heavy Putters

The next generation of Heavy Putters is coming soon—and PutterZone.com is excited to offer an exclusive insider’s preview into the radical new ideas that Heavy Putter creator Stephen Boccieri has in store for you.

Boccieri is nothing less than a force of nature, as was evident in his recent conversation with PutterZone.com. He is obsessive, impassioned and irrepressible in his quest to spread the gospel of his Heavy Putter technology.

When PutterZone.com spoke with Boccieri earlier this week, he was on Cloud Nine. Just that morning, he had received four prototypes of putters that he plans to bring to market in October. In addition to the existing Heavy Putter technology, the new Heavy Putter Deep Face putters will boast a higher vertical center of gravity than most traditional putters.

If you are unfamiliar with the Heavy Putter story and technology, click here to read PutterZone.com’s review of the Heavy Putter A1-M model. In a nutshell, the Heavy Putter combines a heavier putter head with a weighted shaft insert to create a seamlessly stable putting stroke.

The technology of the Heavy Putter is tour proven, if not yet universally accepted. There are two common knocks on the existing Heavy Putter models: (1) the lack of a more traditional Anser-style blade model to meet the preferences of tour players and (2) the largely utilitarian look of the putters, which can fail to capture a golfer’s heart and imagination (the power of one’s personal affection for his or her putter should not be underestimated).

Boccieri seems to have addressed both of these perceived issues with the new putter models, which include an Anser-style blade (which has already been put into play by Troy Matteson on the PGA Tour), as well as three aesthetically progressive designs that represent a major departure from the existing Heavy Putter portfolio—a half-moon mallet with a hollowed-out underside; a blade tentatively named the Stealth for its resemblance to the F-117 fighter jet; and a nearly impossible-to-describe putter tentatively called the Camelback, which resembles three connected pipes cut longways in the direction of the putter face.

The price of the new putters will likely fall into the $169 to $179 range, which is lower than the current $199 price for existing Heavy Putters.

A limited-edition forged incarnation of the Anser-style blade with a special black finish (pictured here) is also being produced. Production will be limited to 500 individually numbered putters. The price of the limited-edition putters has not yet been determined.

Each of the new models is face balanced, in keeping with Boccieri’s firm belief that face balancing is optimal for all types of putting strokes. The other unifying feature is the aforementioned higher vertical center of gravity (center of gravity is defined as “the point in any object about which it is in perfect balance no matter how it is turned or rotated around that point”).

In order to raise the center of gravity (CG), Boccieri raised the height of the putter to 1.25 inches, which is a quarter inch higher than traditional putters—hence the moniker “Deep Face.”

“The idea of raising the CG of the putter is to get it closer to the CG or equator of the golf ball its, which is 0.84 inches,” Boccieri explains. “The theory is to align the CGs of the putter and the ball so you can get the best transfer of energy, resulting in more consistent distance control.”

Based on what PutterZone.com has learned so far, it’s clear that rather than go on autopilot with his existing Heavy Putter technology, Boccieri has continued to aggressively push the putter envelope. Not only is the Heavy Putter here to stay, but it appears poised to yet again challenge the paradigms of putter technology.

P.S. Stay tuned next week for PutterZone.com’s exclusive interview with Stephen Boccieri, in which he will elaborate on what’s coming next from Heavy Putter and Boccieri Golf.

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  1. Mike form Colonia CC

    There is nothing like a Heavy Putter to improve your score on the greens. If you’re skeptical about such a product, just give it a try for a few rounds. Your country clubs weekend nassau’s will pay off the club within weeks!

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