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Discover Your Cover Style

If you thought $300 was a lot for a putter, how about $300 for a putter cover?

When famed putter designer Scotty Cameron released his latest limited edition cover in celebration of Halloween—a clever piece featuring jovial skulls and a ghost dog—the entire stock sold out immediately. Soon, these covers were fetching more than $100 on eBay, and those belonging to an ultra-limited run of 100 covers (distinguished by a small tweak to one of the skulls) were selling for hundreds of dollars.

While you may not jump into the Cameron collectibles fray at those prices, there’s definitely some merit in not settling for a stock cover sticking out of your bag. The putter is the most personal club in your set—so why not give it a little added style?

A great place to look for the perfect putter cover is Japan, a country known for developing cool accessories for virtually everything. Don’t worry about the airfare, because the Internet can save you the trip if you visit Tourspecgolf.com, which specializes in Japan-only clubs and merchandise.

Among Tourspecgolf’s latest offerings is the Srixon “shark” putter cover pictured here, as well more than a dozen colorful designs by ComoCome brand putter covers.

Followers of the Grateful Dead will be happy to know that there’s a cover just for them. Same goes with fans of the Oakland Raiders, Boston Red Sox and other professional sports teams.

Artisan putter designers such as T.P. Mills and Robert Bettinardi also offer limited edition covers that look razor sharp—which, if you think about it, gives you another good excuse to get yourself a Mills or Bettinardi putter.

Some might call this putter cover business a bit frivolous, but there’s something to be said for style. After all, style breeds confidence, and confidence sinks putts.

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