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Heavy Putter Digs Deeper

Boccieri Golf’s Heavy Putter is back with some exciting new designs and an innovative Deep Face (DF) technology that aligns the vertical sweet spot of the putter with the equator of the golf ball.

You first heard about the Heavy Putter DF series here at PutterZone.com in August, when we interviewed founder Stephen Boccieri about what he had in store for 2008. The DF putters ($169) are now available for pre-order on the new Heavy Putter web site and other online retailers, with shipping commencing at the end of this month.

According to Boccieri: “With a putter face one-quarter inch taller than conventional putters, the Deep Face more closely aligns the equator of the golf ball with the ‘sweet spot’ of the clubface to optimally transfer energy for improved overall putting.”

The new DF series is simultaneously more traditional and more radical than the previous Heavy Putter designs. The introduction of an Anser-style blade (the C2 model, pictured here) brings a classic look to the portfolio, while some of the other designs (such as the D1, pictured here) push the visual envelope, ultimately offering something for everyone.

The C2 blade is also being offered in a special Limited Edition numbered series of 500 putters ($399), with 100-percent milled construction and a black finish. Two of the new models are also offered in women’s versions with accents of pink.

As with all Heavy Putters, the new DF putters feature Boccieri Golf’s proprietary weighting technology. They weigh just under two times the amount of conventional putters, with the intent of automatically engaging larger, more stable muscles. A counterweight in the butt end of the shaft is designed to disengage the hands for the promotion of a smoother, more consistent stroke.

While still a relative newcomer, Heavy Putter has made some significant inroads on the professional circuits. Troy Matteson wielded a Heavy Putter to win the PGA Tour’s Frys.com Open last year en route to five consecutive top-10 finishes. Adrien Mork won two European Challenge Tour events and shot a record-setting round of 59 with a Heavy Putter. On the Canadian Tour, Josh Habig won with the Heavy Putter.

With the introduction of the new Anser-style blade, Heavy Putter’s tour-proven technology will likely gain even more professional converts among those who prefer a traditional orofile. It looks like 2008 could be a big year for Heavy Putter and Boccieri Golf.

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