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Drill Bits: Take A Fighting Stance

Putting may be a gentle sport, but it requires a fighting stance.

This concept is something a golf teacher told PutterZone.com many moons ago, reflecting an emphasis on balance that is today reinforced by many leading instructors, including Hank Haney (a.k.a. Tiger Woods’ instructor).

The fact is that a lot of golfers sit back on their heels when putting. Others lean on their toes. Some place more weight on their right foot, some on their left. One way or the other, the result is a physical imbalance that limits your putting potential. It’s very easy to overlook these little tendencies that cause foundational imbalance, especially when so much focus is on the putting stroke itself.

So the next time you’re standing over a putt, imagine yourself taking a fighting stance. If you had to defend your ground for whatever reason, what would be your best posture? A balanced posture, of course, with your weight evenly distributed and feet evenly planted, favoring neither your heels nor your toes, and your knees slightly flexed.

This simple mental exercise will help you establish a foundational balance, freeing the rest of your body to execute the mechanics of the proper putting stroke.

Drill Bits is PutterZone.com’s regular series of simple tips and drills that aim to raise your game. Click here for past Drill Bits.

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