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The 2007 PutterZone.com Awards

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to honor the best putters of 2007, including some new releases heading into 2008.

As with all such awards, the following list is entirely subjective. It presumes not to be the final word, but rather a simple starting point for helping you find just the right putter to raise your game in 2008.


The following putters will give you premium performance without breaking the bank:

1. PING Karsten Series Anser ($89)

This new release isn’t just a best buy for 2007-2008, it’s a best buy for the ages. Stay tuned for the PutterZone.com review.

2. Magique Blade S ($69)

Never heard of Magique Golf? Now you have. The Blade S putter is a stainless steel steal for fans of the classic 8802 blade design.

3. TaylorMade Rossa Siena ($119)

The Rossa Siena blade makes the list for outstanding design, performance and detail at a relatively affordable price.


The following putters enable you to easily adjust attributes to accommodate course conditions or personal preference:

1. Never Compromise Exchange Series #2 ($229)

Like its seven siblings in Never Compromise’s Exchange Series, this elegant mallet offers dozens of personal tuning options via three pairs of interchangeable weights (5, 10 and 15 grams) that fit into four weight ports—making it a feat of high-performance engineering. Stay tuned for the PutterZone.com review.

2. MacGregor Bobby Grace Face-Off DCT1 ($199)

This large yet elegantly assembled blade enables you to interchange the putter face from soft polymer to harder titanium, both of which feature MacGregor’s distance control technology (DCT) to help you keep it close. Stay tuned for the PutterZone.com review.

3. Rife 2 Bar Mallet ($179)

The Rife 2 Bar mallet was released prior to this year, but remains a standout in the customizable category, allowing you to adjust lie angle as well as weighting. A soon-to-be-released incarnation, the Rife Hybrid, promises similar features.


The following putters challenge conventional wisdom with new ideas that can raise your game:

1. Heavy Putter DF ($169)

With its new Deep Face (DF) line, Boccieri Golf advances its tour-proven Heavy Putter technology. Founder Stephen Boccieri left no stone unturned in sweetening his promise of the “most consistent stroke in golf.” Stay tuned for PutterZone.com’s review of the Heavy Putter F3-DF model.

2. Profound Dark Ace ($349)

The sleek Dark Ace by Profound Putters is making noise on the European Tours, but U.S. sales are currently limited to the company’s web store. PutterZone.com hasn’t yet wielded the Dark Ace, but we’ve had enough revealing conversations with founder Bernt Stellander to warrant inclusion on this list.

3. Puku JME ($249)

This distinctive putter from New Zealand invites you to walk on the wild side. With its center-balanced head, adjustable length and reverse-tapered grip, the Puku JME offers a unique putting experience that may enhance your results.


The following elite putters aren’t cheap, but they earn every penny in matters of quality and performance.

1. SeeMore m1 ($325)

The SeeMore Putter Company re-launched itself in 2007 and came on strong right out of the gates with its masterful m1 blade and other mSeries milled putters. The frosting on the cake: Zach Johnson wielded an original SeeMore putter while winning the 2007 Masters tournament.

2. Nike Unitized Leo ($249)

Nike Golf hits a grand slam with its Unitized Leo, which boasts phenomenal feel and feedback, not to mention a stunning presentation.

3. Sizemore Collection XB-1 ($349)

The XB-1 putter by Bruce Sizemore Jr. is a work of art as well as a high-performance instrument. It may be a thing of beauty, but it’s also a monster on the greens.

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