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Cupid Strikes with New MacGregor Putters

It may be love at first sight for many golfers when MacGregor Golf officially releases its striking new line of Bobby Grace-designed putters on the day after Valentine’s Day.

The new MacGregor Bobby Grace DCT series putters inaugurate the second generation of Distance Control Technology (DCT), which MacGregor first introduced last year with its Face-Off DCT series putters. This technology is “engineered to eliminate energy loss on off-center ball contact.”

In other words, the DCT feature promises less punishment for the less-than-perfect strike. Added rebound is built into the areas left and right of center, compensating for the decrease in momentum associated with miss-hits.

According to MacGregor Golf: “On a typical miss-hit…a 40 foot putt will end up four to six feet short of the cup. With DCT, energy loss (and therefore distance loss) is virtually eliminated. Longer putts will feel like a tap-in instead of five footers.”

MacGregor Golf has produced a compelling video to buttress these claims, with Bobby Grace demonstrating the DCT effect in a robotic test against another familiar putter.

Instead of the two interchangeable faces that came with the Face-Off DCT putters, the new putters feature a fixed DCT insert. At $129, the new putters cost $70 less than their Face-Off siblings, and they boast a whole new look will turn more than a few heads. The model names—such as Sunset, Sanibel, Bellaire and Palma Ceia—are rather attractive as well.

In a recent review of the Face-Off DCT putter, PutterZone.com noted that MacGregor Golf is poised for an exciting year under the direction new chairman Greg “The Shark” Norman. At first glance, it looks like so far, so good.

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