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Heavy Putter Meets Its Match

Boccieri Golf is now in the business of helping you knock it close as well as in the cup, today announcing a strategic sales and distribution alliance with Solus Golf, makers of the innovative Solus wedge.

As the maker of the Heavy Putter, Boccieri Golf is no stranger to innovation. Click here to read PutterZone.com’s recent review of the exciting new Heavy Putter Deep Face series.

Boccieri Golf will now exclusively manage the global sales and distribution of Solus wedges. In other words, you will be seeing a lot more of Solus at your local golf shops.

Solus wedges feature a proprietary “crescent cut sole contour” that is designed to empower the golfer with more flexibility and utility within a single wedge, from sand to tight lies.

According to Boccieri Golf: “With the addition of Solus, Boccieri Golf extends its reach beyond the green to provide the total short-game solution for golfers seeking innovative, game-improvement equipment technology.”

Added Boccieri Golf founder Stephen Boccieri: “The economies of scale achieved in the sales and distribution process will benefit retailers and consumers. The Heavy Putter and Solus wedges represent significant technological advancements, and now we are one efficient point of contact for the complete short-game package.”

Don’t expect Boccieri to stop at putters and wedges. In an earlier interview with PutterZone.com, he alluded to a new driver concept that he might pursue at some time in the future, and which he said would “rock the industry.”

It’s certainly comforting to see entrepreneurs thriving and uniting for the sake of raising our collective games on the green and beyond.

P.S. Check out the Solus Tour Report on the company’s web site for an insider’s look at the road life of a tour representative.

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