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New Solutions for Healthier Golf

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to play more golf, why not kill two birds with one stone and get in better shape while doing it?

Indeed, more and more golfers are choosing to walk, and a growing variety of push carts has helped make it trendy and more enjoyable.

Many of you might remember the pull carts of yesteryear. Most were unstable and tough to use on courses with varying terrain. Today, however, the cart has evolved into the push cart, with oversized tires that can conquer any terrain and durable lightweight metal tubing built to last the test of time.

The push cart of today is also collapsible and compact, making for easy storage in the trunk of any car, not to mention the corner of your garage or closet.

The two most popular and well constructed push carts are made by Sun Mountain and ClicGear.

Sun Mountain has been been perfecting their push cart for many years. It is available is two models, the V1 and the V2. Each has many accessories and features available, such as a cup holder, score card holder, braking system, seed/soil holder, tire pump, umbrella holder and even add-on features such as a seat, clip-on gloves, cooler pack and more. These models outsell any other push cart and will definitely reward your investment.

The ClicGear Push Cart is constructed to a similar level of quality as the Sun Mountain carts but has one huge advantage—the ClicGear collapses to almost half the size of the Sun Mountain carts. If you have a small sedan or sports car and trunk space is minimal, then the ClicGear is the way to go. They are also about $10 to $20 less expensive and come in a few different colors, including white (pictured here), which makes it the only cart that features this color. White might sound boring, but it stands out from the crowd.

With either cart you cant go wrong. Both are constructed to the highest standards and both are very user friendly. So if you are looking to get in shape by walking a few more rounds this year, there’s never been a better time to consider a stylish new push cart.

This report was authored by Nick Taylor, proprietor of Golfland Warehouse, the official retail affiliate of PutterZone.com. The Golfland Warehouse Report is an exclusive monthly series designed to keep golfers informed about the latest equipment, technology and ideas in the world of golf, with an emphasis on putting and the short game.

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