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Show Your Sticks with Style

The family that makes your putters beautiful is now ready to help you display them with style.

Indeed, with the launch of their customizable Caddy Royale rack system, the Slivnik family is offering golf and sports equipment enthusiasts a new way to show off their wares.

The Slivniks are no strangers to keepsake clubs and special sticks. As the owners of Black Oxide Service, August Slivnik and his sister Monica specialize in custom putter and club refinishing services. They have personally handled some of the most prized putters in the world, and they even make custom milled putters for boutique putter brands. Click here to read PutterZone.com’s earlier review of their remarkable refinishing work.

The Slivniks also once made putters under contract for Titleist and Scotty Cameron, and the new Caddy Royale rack system is rooted in that experience.

As August explained to PutterZone.com, about 10 years ago he made 100 limited-edition putter racks for Titleist, which were sold with a special limited run of Scotty Cameron putters. Once the racks were gone, they were gone—much to the chagrin of interested folks who were unable to get one.

Over the years, people kept asking August about the racks, so he finally decided to do something about it, and thus the new Caddy Royale was born.

The Caddy Royale clearly reflects the experience, craftsmanship and customization for which the Slivniks are renowned. Each rack is machined from aircraft-grade American aluminum. Three sizes are offered to hold five, eight or 10 clubs. Prices start at $375 for the five club rack. Visit the Caddy Royale web site for ordering and information.

Eight separate color choices are offered to match any interior. You can choose from two standard logo designs, or you can opt to have your own logo or words embossed on the rack. A durable anodized finish is employed to create a look that will last a lifetime.

The “ears” that hold your putters, clubs or even baseball bats are rimmed with soft rubber to ensure scratch-free protection. August even designed the ears to extend far enough outward to hold putter covers, hats or other accoutrements.

“When clubs and mementos are just lying around, they inevitably get banged up or in the way,” August says. “I’ve heard lots of horror stories. A rack like this keeps your favorite stuff safe.”

Each Caddy Royale rack is delivered fully assembled. The five and eight club racks have just four points of contact for hanging on the wall, and the ten club rack has six points of contact. Always thinking ahead, August designed the racks so that the mounting holes are consistent with average spacing for wall studs. Of course, drywall anchors can be used if you are unable to hang the rack in line with the studs.

“The Caddy Royale is all about having it your way,” August said. “That’s where the customization comes in. We want it to be personal as well as practical, and ultimately a point of pride.”

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