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TaylorMade Monza Spider Putter Review

So what was that exotic creature that J.B. Holmes used to sink the winning putt to beat Phil Mickelson at the FBR Open in Scottsdale earlier this month? The new Monza Spider putter by TaylorMade.

The Spider is the latest and edgiest member of TaylorMade’s diverse line of Rossa putters. Is the Spider destined to spin a large web across the putting universe? Following is PutterZone.com’s TaylorMade Monza Spider ($199) review.

The Storyline
The Monza Spider’s top selling point is its high “moment of inertia” (MOI), which is a measurement of a putter head’s weight properties, and specifically how that weight is distributed. A putter with high MOI is resistant to twisting and turning upon impact, resulting in more forgiveness for enhanced consistency and accuracy.

According to TaylorMade: “Even tour professionals frequently miss putts because they fail to hit the ball with the center of the clubface. With most putters, when impact is made toward the toe or heel, the head twists and the ball rolls off-line and finishes short of the target. Off-center hits also impart different types of spin compared to center-hits, contributing to inconsistent distance and direction.”

For this reason, TaylorMade engineered the Spider to “deliver a quantum leap in total performance” and to “give players better results on all types of impact locations, to promote super smooth and accurate roll.”

The Spider’s steel wire-frame head construction positions increased weight at the perimeter, adding stability on miss-hits. Additionally, a light aluminum core allows more weight to be positioned on the perimeter, further increasing the MOI.

The Spider also features Moveable Weight Technology (WMT), whereby you can change the weights in the outer rear ports with an optional weight kit that currently comes with TaylorMade drivers. The putter comes with two preinstalled four-gram weights. However, you can increase it by a total of 20 grams with the optional weight cartridges.

As with all Rossa putters, the Spider features TaylorMade’s signature AGSI+ grooved insert technology, which is designed to impart truer, smoother roll.

The Spider will be officially released to the public on March 15, but it has already made a big splash on the PGA Tour this year. A total of 12 Spiders were put into play at Torrey Pines. Nine were in play at the aforementioned FBR Open, and 11 were put into play at Pebble Beach.

The View from PutterZone.com
The Spider could have easily been called the Tarantula, because it is truly a beast, measuring nearly four inches from face to rear, and slightly more than four inches at its widest point. Even the putter’s official name is brawny: TaylorMade Rossa Monza Spider.

A putter this radical looking will naturally have its naysayers. But remember the massive drivers that once looked absurd to our collective eyes, yet which are now the norm? The Spider just might be a similar glimpse into the future of high MOI putters.

Personally, I find the Spider to be a bit noisy in the visuals department. The outer harness is silver, the body is black and the alignment markings are white, and large patches of green grass are visible through the three open areas of the chassis. It’s a lot to tune out when the putter is in motion.

Behind this noise, however, is a putter that is generously calibrated to keep your stroke straight and focused. The high MOI works as advertised, making it difficult to hit a truly errant putt.

I’m not in possession of the optional weight cartridges, but the putter feels balanced enough with the preinstalled four-gram weights. The option to customize the weighting is a nice touch. The Spider is not light, but there’s a certain impression of lightness, because the mass of the putter would suggest something heavier.

The aggressive shape of the Spider is a confidence booster as well. This putter just looks like it means business, especially on close putts. It sort of begs the question: How could you possibly miss from three or four feet with this weapon in hand? Many golfers will find comfort and confidence in the shapely attitude of the Spider.

The AGSI+ insert has a nice, slightly soft feel with a pleasant grippy-chalky quality. And, as usual for TaylorMade, the presentation and finish work of the Spider are impeccable, from the paint fills to the stampings to the embroidery on the head cover. This is a company that doesn’t take your dollar for granted.

The Bottom Line
The Monza Spider is not a putter that will, or wants, to please everyone. Rather, it very much intends to push the envelope, in terms of both physics and aesthetics. Hardcore traditionalists will probably choose to look the other way (TaylorMade’s blade putters are an excellent alternative). However, those who are inclined toward something more unusual or edgy—a group that apparently includes a lot of PGA Tour pros—will enjoy the Spider’s predisposition for stability and accuracy.

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  1. Which putter is the safer bet: The Spider or the Tri-Ball SRT?

  2. I just got the spider, a year late -prices are better that way. I took it over the three baller, and I love it. It took 5 strokes off my game.


  3. The 42" belly Spider suites me well. I suffer from Yips and I need a long putter, but my old 50" putter is a bit heavy. I open my stance and hold the Spider like a hockey stick and it works just perfect.

  4. That model looks very curious, it looks one little machine I saw to exercise feet and legs like if you were walking.

  5. That model looks very curious, it looks one little machine I saw to exercise feet and legs like if you were walking.

  6. I have had this putter for over a month now and have tried Scotty Cameron Putter and this is way better!! Would never go back to a blade Putter. Right from the 1st putt I Loved it. Has seriously reduced my score. If not in, always close. Definitely Recommend it. Any one who has asked to try it has the same comment that they really find it works well :))

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