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A Sweet $10 Training Aid

Sometimes the simplest training tools are the most effective, especially when it comes to putting.

For evidence, look no further than the No Bogey “Perfect Practice Putting Cup,” which actually lives up to its rather lofty name.

The No Bogey is a soft vinyl practice cup that you place on your carpet or other indoor putting surface. Sure, you’ve seen a variety of practice cups and related devices. But the genius of the No Bogey cup (aside from its nifty $10 price tag) is its angled shock-absorbing lip that helps you calibrate your speed and distance control as well as your accuracy.

There’s nothing worse than stroking the ball perfectly in line with the cup, only to come up an inch or two short—which is why the patented lip on the No Bogey requires you to make your putt with just enough velocity and authority.

Conversely, if you have too much velocity, the ball will roll out and over the back of the cup. Only the surest putts settle into the No Bogey cup, which mimics what you want to do on the course.

There are no moving parts to the No Bogey cup. You just throw it down and start putting from any angle. The diameter of the cup is 4.25 inches, which is the same as a regulation putting cup. The No Bogey cup was created by entrepreneur Eric Schindler and is today marketed under the IZZO brand.

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