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Putt with Politics

With the presidential hopefuls trading barbs like Rory Sabbatini and Tiger Woods, it was only a matter of time before politics made it to the putting green.

Indeed, now you can express your own party loyalties with new putter covers ($35) featuring Republican elephants and Democratic donkeys. In other words, now you can play golf like Sean Hannity or Keith Olbermann.

These spirited covers are made exclusively for Tour Spec Golf by Japanese company Como!Come!. They feature magnetic closures with velour lining, and the party mascots are embroidered in red, white and blue.

Tour Spec Golf is an online retailer dedicated to Japanese-made putters, golf clubs and accessories. The company was founded by Chris Pierson, who discovered an entirely new world of golf while traveling in Japan several years ago: “I walked into a golf shop for the first time and was in shock as I was transported into golf gear heaven. The plethora of equipment and brands that were available was mind boggling. I trembled with excitement as I handled these beautiful clubs and began making a wish list of what I need to get to make up my new bag.”

In addition to featuring Japan’s own unique brands and artisan clubmakers, Tour Spec offers “Japan only” gear made by Mizuno, TaylorMade and other familiar companies.

On the accessories front, Como!Come! specializes in whimsical, high-quality putter covers. Current designs feature scorpions, monkeys, sombreros, green peas (yes, green peas) and, now, donkeys and elephants.

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