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Stay Dry During Wet Golf

April showers might bring May flowers, but they can also put a damper on your golf game.

Thankfully, your choices in rain gear have never been better, not just from the standpoint of styles and brands, but also in terms of technology and performance.

Starting with your hands, TaylorMade’s H20 Wet Weather gloves (pictured below) keep your digits dry and cozy during a downpour, and they also work well when the skies clear, too. The durable construction resists water penetration, yet it is also breathable for heat dissipation. Silicone “hex dual grip” synthetic leather palms resist slipping in wet conditions.

Ironically enough (considering their brand name), Sun Mountain is a leader in gear designed for rainy days, including jackets, pullovers and pants. Their RainFlex gear isn’t cheap, but the quality is remarkable and worth the investment. Even the zippers and pockets are waterproof.

Keeping your head and face dry is important as well. Sun Mountain, Mizuno and others make caps and bucket hats that are designed to repel water. If the weather gets really crazy, you might consider a GustBuster umbrella, which has wind-release vents designed to withstand gusts of 55 miles per hour while keeping you dry.

If the thought of rain darkens your golf day, then you might consider upgrading your rain gear, so that you can keep grinding until the sun comes out.

This report was authored by Nick Taylor, proprietor of Golfland Warehouse, the official retail affiliate of PutterZone.com. The Golfland Warehouse Report is an exclusive monthly series designed to keep golfers informed about the latest equipment, technology and ideas in the world of golf, with an emphasis on putting and the short game.

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