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Golfers Say Adios to Back Pain

Can golfers with chronic back pain regain their game without undergoing surgery or other intensive measures? Yes.

In the latest issue of Golf Digest, you will find this revealing little tidbit in Tim Rosaforte’s Tour Talk column: “Ben Crane says he can partially thank Dr. John Sarno for three top-12 finishes in early 2008. Crane was in so much back pain in 2007, he visited Sarno, who says a lot of back pain is caused by tension and anxiety. Crane says he’s now free of pain.”

What Rosaforte doesn’t mention is that Dr. Sarno has authored several books that can give the rest of us relief from back pain, too.

Even if you’ve been told you have a bulging disc or some other structural explanation for your pain, you should consider what Dr. Sarno has to say, because it just might save you untold grief and money. What you are about to read is strange but true—just ask Ben Crane.

The View From PutterZone.com
It seems that every few months we hear of some PGA tour professional who is suffering from a sudden onset of mysterious ailments, many of them related to back, neck or joint pain. Mike Weir and Aaron Oberholser are some recent examples. Ben Crane, however, is the first professional golfer I’ve heard about who has consulted Dr. Sarno.

I can personally attest to Sarno’s methods, as his methods cured my own persistent bouts of severe back pain about nine years ago. Shock jock Howard Stern and ABC investigative reporter John Stossel are among the many believers as well. A former boss turned me onto Sarno’s books. I was resistant at first, but I couldn’t argue with the results. We’re talking nothing short of a miracle here.

The only thing you need to bring to Sarno’s teachings is an open mind. Just listen, absorb and accept what he’s saying. If you don’t, it won’t work. Sarno’s methods do not require exercises, stretching or physical therapy. Rather, they simply require you to come to terms with the mind-body pain process.

Contrary to what the medical establishment would have you believe, Sarno says that back pain is usually a physical manifestation of a non-physical cause.

In other words, the physical pain is very real. It’s not in your head. However, the physical ailment that causes the pain is frequently rooted in personality traits and psychological tensions that many of us harbor—even wealthy professional golfers with great lives and wonderful families. If you come to terms with this, and if you accept it as the cause of your back pain, you very well may find that your pain has suddenly gone away.

Even if you’ve been diagnosed with a bulging disc or some other structural cause for your back pain, you need to consider that many pain-free people are walking around with bulging discs, totally unaware of the condition. What the medical establishment views as causation, Sarno has proven is often just correlation.

Also, if you can attribute the onset of your pain to a specific incident or accident—such as straining yourself while lifting a heavy box or, in Mike Weir’s case, a fan jumping on your back—you need to know that Sarno’s teachings account for this as well.

Of course, there are instances when traditional medical intervention is required to alleviate back pain and physical damage—just not nearly as often as the medical establishment would have you believe.

I won’t go into all of Sarno’s insights here. All I will do is recommend that you start with his first book, Healing Back Pain. It’s a quick read, and you can find it new for $10. Then read Sarno’s second book, The Mindbody Prescription.

I have no personal or vested interest in Dr. John Sarno. I’ve never spoken with the man. I’ve just read and benefited from his books. I am grateful for his work and feel obligated to spread his good news. It worked for me, it worked for Ben Crane, and it just might work for you.

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