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Tattoo Your Titleist

A remarkably cool golf ball accessory is coming to a store near you.

Indeed, from shamrocks to aliens, flowers to flames, you can now tattoo your Titleist (or any favorite ball) with something more stylish, and less messy, than a Sharpie marker.

Golfdotz were first unveiled at the PGA Merchandise Show earlier this year, and PutterZone.com recently put them to the test with very happy results.

The genius of Golfdotz is their simplicity and durability. You just cut out your chosen icon from a sheet of twelve, peel off the backing paper and press it onto your ball. Within seconds, the icon is transferred, adhering cleanly to the dimples as if it were printed just like the ball’s own brand logo. The price is $4.99 for a pack of a dozen Golfdotz, which are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Golfdotz are the invention of entrepreneur David Poole, an Englishman who came to the United States by way of Japan. He spent seven years in Japan, studying martial arts, becoming fluent in Japanese and heading up the marketing division for a large Japanese corporation, including starting and running an Indy motor sports sponsorship program.

According to David, “I took up golf as I had a fear of looking like a complete idiot on the first tee of big corporate outings. Sadly, this plan failed!”

In 2002, after moving to the U.S., David started a company that specializes in “new generation transfer technology.” After success at the industrial level, he wanted to test the retail marketplace with his own ideas. His company, Transfer Studio, unveiled Golfdotz and Footiez (tattoos for shoes) simultaneously in January.

“Response from PGA show has been incredible and we picked up distribution all over the world,” David says. “It is going to be an interesting year.”

Among the many Golfdotz designs are alignment lines that can help you line up your putt and gauge your ball’s rotation. However, PutterZone.com thinks you’re more likely to sink that crucial putt when feeling the good vibes of an alien or a shamrock.

If you are looking for a sleek, unique and stylish way to personalize your golf balls, look no further than Golfdotz.

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