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Which Putter Will Win The Masters?

Keep an eye out for the hottest putters at the Masters on Sunday, because they will speak volumes about the personal nature of putting.

People often write to PutterZone.com, asking about the “best” putter, or which is a “must have” putter. The fact is that no such putter exists—and the evidence of this can be witnessed right now at Augusta National.

At the Masters, the elite of the elite are competing for what many consider the greatest honor in golf, the green jacket. Yet they are all pursuing the same goal with remarkably diverse putting instruments.

The same can’t be said for any other club in the bag. Take the wedge. Sure, there are many different wedges out there, but the differences between them are relatively slight when compared to putters. The same can be said for irons and woods.

Yet take a look at Padraig Harrington’s Odyssey Two Ball, Zach Johnson’s SeeMore FGP and Sean O’Hair’s TaylorMade Spider, to name a few players within the top 15 of the Masters leaderboard going into Sunday. Or Steve Flesch’s Never Compromise mallet, Stephen Ames’ Yes! Valerie or Tiger Woods’ Scotty Cameron Newport 2.

Some of these putters are massive, others are slight. Some are mallets, others are blades. Some are face balanced, others are not. Some have inserts, others don’t. Some have face grooves, others are flat. It’s a veritable Wild Kingdom of putters out there at Augusta National. Yet each of these putters has earned a starring role on golf’s biggest stage.

If the most elite golfers can field such a range of putting instruments, it stands to reason that the rest of us would be subject to a similarly personal affinity for certain putters. Indeed, what feels like a shovel to one golfer can feel like a scalpel to another.

Which is why there is no “best” putter. That’s the bad news for those trying to find an easy answer. But the good news is that there is the “right” putter out there for everyone, from the average golfer to the guy who will be fitted with a green jacket on Sunday.

UPDATE: 2008 Masters Champion Trevor Immelman’s putter is a Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport Circle T putter.

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