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Rife Rolls Out New Cayman Putter

Rife Putters is set to unveil the newest model in its acclaimed Island Series—the Cayman blade.

According to Rife: “The latest addition to the Rife Island Series…will appeal to golfers looking for a more traditional look and feel. The new Cayman, like all of the Island Series putters, is 100-percent CNC milled from soft 303 stainless steel and features Rife’s patented ‘RollGroove’ technology, producing the quickest roll in golf.”

The Cayman has already been spotted at several PGA tournaments. According to Rife, it will be posted for sale on the company’s web site at the end of this week, and will start appearing at retail outlets shortly thereafter. The price is $179.

The Cayman borrows from the classic “softtail” design popularized by T.P. Mills and others, with a curving topline toward the toe. At first glance, the Cayman looks striking.

The initial iterations of the Cayman featured a “sound slot” at the base of the cavity behind the face for enhanced audio feedback. However, Rife determined that the Cayman performed better without the sound slot, so the retail version will not have it.

Rife says that the Cayman’s “mid-slant hosel produces a toe-ward weight bias promoting a open to close swing path so common among the greatest players in golf.”

Following are the Cayman’s specs:

Head weight – 345 grams

Lie Angle – 70 degrees

Loft of head – 2 degrees

Shaft kickback – .5 degree (shaft leans back away from the face toward the right eye)

Effective loft – 1.5 degree (head loft minus kickback)

Groove to land ratio – 1 to 3 (groove width 45/1000” to land 15/1000”)

Lengths – Available in 35” and 34” RH and 35” LH

Winn custom AVS grip

Proprietary extruded tube stepless steel shaft

Head cover with magnet clasps

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  1. Are you sure that this putter has been released. Its not posted on their site. I called them and inquired about a left handed version, your write up states that one will be available. There answer was that I won’t see such an opportunity. ??

  2. Good questions. The putter has been released, it’s available at golfsmith.com and elsewhere. I was informed by Rife that a left-handed model would be available; I will try to follow up with them to find out more. As to why the Cayman is not pictured on the Rife web site, that, too, is an unsolved mystery. I will post here if I learn anything more.

  3. The new Cayman Putter looks cool and the characteristics it has qualifies for a great game.

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