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Yes! Nicky Putter Review

With its new Nicky model putter, Yes! Golf has gone back to the future, incorporating modern groove technology into an old-school blade.

Does the Nicky ($149) do justice to the classics? Following is PutterZone.com’s Yes! Nicky putter review.

The Storyline
Yes! Golf unveiled its first C-Groove putters at the 2000 PGA Merchandise Show and entered the U.S. Market in 2004 after Retief Goosen won his second U.S. Open title using the same C-Groove putter he used in his 2001 U.S. Open victory.

Today, Yes! Golf ranks at the top of LPGA putter usage, and is also a force on the PGA Tour, with Goosen, Stephen Ames and Colin Montgomerie among its converts.

The concentric C-Grooves on Yes! putters are designed to send the ball on a truer topspin roll for enhanced directional and distance control. A truer roll essentially means less skidding and hopping, which translates to improved accuracy.

As Yes! Golf CEO Francis Ricci stated in an earlier interview with PutterZone.com: “The groove edges on impact—assuming the plane of the strike is slightly upward—grip into the surface of the ball and impart an over-the-top rolling force.”

The Nicky is a classically styled heel-shafted blade, one of a wide variety of putter styles offered by Yes! Golf. The 304 stainless steel head weighs 350 grams, which is heavier than most traditional blade putters. The sole and grooves are chromium plated. Two alignment lines are scored in black atop the crown.

The View from PutterZone.com
In profile, the Nicky looks sleek and classic, but its shiny chrome accents and signature C-Groove face are purely 21st century. The Nicky manages to be both flashy and classy, and it will definitely turn heads on the green.

As a fully toe-down blade, the Nicky naturally favors a gated stroke (as opposed to straight back and through). Additionally, the heavier 350-gram head seems to magnify the blade’s predisposition to opening and closing along the path of the stroke. In the words of Volkswagen, this putter requires some “Fahrvergnügen.” It’s a putter for folks who like to take their putter for a ride, not vice versa.

To me, the feel of the Nicky is neither firm nor soft, but rather both. I know that sounds like a contradiction, but the Nicky exhibits a clicky firmness as well as a supple core, sort of like biting into an Oreo cookie.

I’ve generally been noncommittal when it comes to the efficacy of putter grooves in matters of imparting truer roll. Putters with face grooves usually have lower lofts, and I play in a dry climate with relatively hard, fast greens—conditions that favor less loft. So is it the chicken (grooves) or the egg (less loft)?

The C-Grooves on the Nicky, however, do make me wonder. There just seems to be a little bit of magic in the roll off the Nicky. It’s tight and glassy and precise. The ball hugs the ground, a mesmerizing visual effect that translates to heightened performance.

I’m not crazy about Yes! Golf’s black-white-yellow brand color scheme, which is found on the grips of all Yes! putters. However, the folks at Yes! tell me that this scheme is a big hit for them, so what do I know? It certainly sets the brand apart. And, color aside, the Nicky’s grip feels great in the hands.

The Bottom Line
The Yes! Nicky is a sexy blade for those who prefer the look and behavior of a more traditional putter. It offers classic blade performance with the added advantage of the signature C-Groove face, which enhances accuracy by way of a beautiful roll. Yes! Golf is coming on strong these days, and the Nicky is no exception.

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