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Golfers, Protect Your Peepers

With the warm summer sun inviting you to play more golf, the need for eye protection becomes increasingly critical.

Reducing glare and eliminating four or five hours of squinting will not only create a more enjoyable round of golf, but will also protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation damage. Exposure to UV radiation increases the likelihood of cataracts and other debilitating eye conditions. Most modern sunglasses offer 100-percent protection from both types of ultraviolet rays, which are known as UVA and UVB.

There was a time when sunglasses had a bad rap in golf, because subtle distortions caused by the lenses could result in errant shots. The difference between a great shot and poor shot is very slight, so the slightest visual distortion could, indeed, wreak havoc.

However, a new generation of sunglass manufacturers is producing advanced “distortion-free” lenses targeted specifically to golfers. Sundog, Sunbuster, Peak Vision and Callaway are among the leaders in this category. In fact, both Sundog and Sunbuster offer lenses that are designed to enhance readability of greens for improved putting.

Mike Weir, Hunter Mahan and Paula Creamer are among the touring pros known to wear eyewear by Sundog, which offers more than 10 different tints designed to suit specific conditions and personal preferences. The Amber and Copper (pictured here) lenses are particularly effective. Vision improves and performance seems to follow when wearing these lenses, particularly as they enhance visual contrast for reading greens.

But even more important than making that crucial putt is to protect your eyes from UV damage so that you can enjoy a lifetime of good eyesight and good golf. If you can’t yet afford high-performance golf sunglasses, at least wear inexpensive sunglasses that offer UVA and UVB protection. If you are concerned about distortion affection your performance, just take the sunglasses off before you make your shot.

This report was authored by Nick Taylor, proprietor of Golfland Warehouse, the official retail affiliate of PutterZone.com. The Golfland Warehouse Report is an exclusive monthly series designed to keep golfers informed about the latest equipment, technology and ideas in the world of golf, with an emphasis on putting and the short game.

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