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The Shark’s MacGregor Putter

With new bride Chris Evert on his arm and a new MacGregor putter in hand, Greg Norman continued his remarkable run at the British Open today with another round of 70, keeping him squarely atop the leaderboard heading into the weekend.

PutterZone.com has confirmed that Greg Norman’s putter is a MacGregor Bobby Grace DCT Captiva prototype putter. This prototype is a close relation to the Captiva model from MacGregor’s new generation of Distance Control Technology (DCT) putters, which the company unveiled earlier this year.

The new MacGregor Bobby Grace DCT series ($129) putters are “engineered to eliminate energy loss on off-center ball contact.” The DCT insert essentially promises less punishment for the less-than-perfect strike. Added rebound is built into the areas left and right of center, compensating for the decrease in momentum associated with miss-hits.

Norman purchased a significant equity stake in MacGregor Golf last October and was simultaneously named to the company’s board of directors. At the time, the company noted that he would take a “proactive” stake in the sales and marketing of MacGregor equipment.

Well, in terms of proactive marketing, you can’t do much better than leading the British Open.

P.S. Click here for PutterZone.com’s earlier story on the new DCT putters. Click here for PutterZone.com’s reviews of the first generation of MacGregor’s DCT putters. Designer Bobby Grace, who created the DCT line, recently resigned from MacGregor Golf, as recently reported on PutterZone.com. Above photo published with permission from the Greg Norman Collection.

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