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Heavy Duty Forgiveness

In an earlier review of Heavy Putter’s F3 Deep Face (DF) putter, PutterZone.com found it to inspire command, consistency and confidence on the green.

Now comes an independent study that gives the Heavy Putter F3-DF high marks for forgiveness as well.

In third-party tests conducted by Hot Stix Golf on behalf of Golf Magazine, the F3-DF (pictured here) scored the highest moment of inertia (MOI) in the blade category among 30 putters tested, according to Boccieri Golf, maker of the Heavy Putter.

MOI is a measurement of a putter’s weight properties. A putter with high MOI is resistant to twisting and turning upon impact, bringing added forgiveness on miss-hits. Mallets tend to have higher MOI, as they offer more design options for weight distribution. Click here to read PutterZone.com’s more detailed translation of MOI.

The unusual shape of the F3-DF is obviously the secret to its high MOI. The bulk of the putter head is positioned along the toe and heel, with just a thin slice of face where the putter meets the ball.

According to CEO Stephen Boccieri, this design creates a blade with “the forgiveness generally associated with a mallet.”

Interestingly, Heavy Putter’s C2-DF traditional Anser-style model took second place in the blade category in MOI, which suggests that the Heavy Putter’s hefty head weight may also play a significant role in the phenomenon of MOI.

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