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Show Your Ryder Cup Pride

With the Ryder Cup just around the corner, Golf Pride is making it easy for you to take sides while getting a better grip on your putter

Indeed, Golf Pride’s new USA Rivalry (pictured here) and Europe Rivalry putter grips ($7.99) feature the colors and icons of their respective Ryder Cup teams. So whether you’re golfing in London or Los Angeles, you can now support your favorite team in style

The Rivalry grips aren’t just for fun, however. Both belong to Golf Pride’s V-RAD putter grip family. According to the company, the V-RAD grips are designed with an advanced composite rubber for added feel and durability. In initial testing, PutterZone.com found the Rivalry grips to have a nice tackiness and a comfortable semi-pistol shape. The designs are bold and vivid, and the tactile character is enhanced by tiny embossed stars that cover the entire surface of both models.

Grips are one of the most overlooked aspects of putter fitting. Many recreational golfers simply accept the grip that came with their putter, regardless of the size of their hands or how they hold their putter. Changing putter grips, however, is quite inexpensive and easy—and can often lead to enhanced performance. Golf Pride and other manufacturers offer a variety of putter grip styles and sizes to fit the unique needs of each golfer.

Or, in this case, the rooting interests of each golfer.

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